Mareike and Steffy aprendiendo Inglés en Cairns (english)

Mareike and Steffy aprendiendo Inglés en Cairns (english)

Introduce yourself:

We are Mareike and Stefi 21 and 26 years old girls from Germany

Why Australia?

MK: I choose Australia because of the nice beaches, friendly people and because in this part is always warm and sunny and cause it was almost the far we could go 🙂

Steffy: I came because my sister was already here, I she told me how good is


How was your english level before you came?

We were a bit shy speaking at the beginning but with conversation and meeting people it gets better.

and now?

I feel like we learned in school things that you don’t need but here you actually learn things that you use all the time.

What is the roadtrip like?

AWESOME! we don’t have words to describe it. Sometimes I didn’t have an idea of what to expect but then every place we visit has it own special beauty.


I like that you can go to an big city like brisbane and then you drive one hour
and you are in lovely quiet big again. Divertisity in all the stops! You can snorkel you can go in a rain forest you can see unique animals that you can find anywhere else like kangaroos and koalas <3

What is your favorite part of Australia so far?


The nicest sand I have ever seen.

We even stole sand cause was so nice!! lol


An animal…We went to Magnetic Island and we saw wild koalas!We rent a topless car and was so much fun!IMG-20140707-WA0013
What do you do for save money in your traveling around Aussieland?

Couchsurfing – You can meet really nice people, its a big difference than being in backpacker because you can experience the culture and the country a bit better.We love the way than Australians host do cause they have a ‘no worries’ policy really laid back no like in Germany!Also to save some money we prepare our own food not go to restaurants.How is it not knowing where are you going the next day?Really exciting!


What are you thoughts of Aussieasy, and personal treatment?

Its a really nice office and Keren and really is nice and open minded, she is kinda an Aussie but she spanish (laugh)

How is the winter in Queensland?

Feels like German summer.

Opinion of the aussie-people…

Very friendly open minded easy going, just lovely.

What do you miss from Germany?

Family and friends and maybe the bread.


I ride horses in Germany and we want to try to surf

Are you happy here?

Yeah! (laughs)

Opinion of Spanish people that you have met?

Warm hearted friendly,passional,they know what they want.

IMG-20140707-WA0012What will you miss when you go back home?

Steffy: Everything…

Tim tams beaches sunrises, sunsets…people 🙂

Mk: We have nice people as well and Germany!

I will miss wake up and dont have plans for the day just do little things


Feel free to say whatever!

If you have have the chance to come to Australia with Aussieasy do it. Come here its the best decision we made and in the begining we were afraid cause we didnt know what to spect but everything works out fine just live day by day.



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